Trustees will consider applications for grants every six months, with closing dates in February and August each financial year.


Under the Trust Deed dated 11 June 2008 the Trustees' have the discretion to consider the allocation of funds for charitable purposes which will benefit the community comprising the districts previously known as the counties and boroughs of Pahiatua, Eketahuna and Woodville.

Information Required from Applicants
In order that the Trustees can give full consideration to applications it will be necessary for the following information to be supplied:

  • A detailed background of the organisation and its aims and objectives
  • An audited statement of the financial position of the applicant as at the most recent year end
  • A detailed description of the project to be undertaken including all costs, and how other funding will be provided.
  • Two or more quotes for work to be undertaken and details of which quote is being accepted and why
  • How the funds sought are being spent to benefit the community.
  • A completed current application form (If more room is required, please continue on separate sheets)
  • Copy of Income Tax exemption letter from Inland Revenue Department (if applicable)
  • Copy of documentation confirming Charitable registration (if applicable)

Please use the check list to ensure all information has been provided.


The Trustees will have regard to the level of the applicants contributions to the costs of the project for which funding is sort.

You will be advised as to what reporting requirements are required and details of the grant process if your application is successful.

Level one, BDO House
32 Amesbury Street, PO Box 1242
Palmerston North 4440
Phone 358 4163, Fax 356 5196

Organisation Information

Contact Information


Please ensure your email adress is accurate as this will be used for all communication

Secondary Contact

Please note that the grant application process is a two stage process.

Firstly you must complete the initial application which gives us details of your organisation.

This is then sent to us to enable us to verify that your organisation is a legitimate organisation.

Once we have done this you will be sent the second stage of the process which will allow you to complete the grant application and send us the necessary information.

Your application has been sent and is pending review. We will notify you once this has been completed.